About us

Eglantine Records 1.0 : 2002-2005

We started Eglantine in the Summer of 2002, releasing CD-R's in editions of 100. We put extra special care in our packagings, hand-making elaborate fabric sleeves for our releases. There were a couple exceptions.

Eglantine Records 2.0: 2006-2009

During this period, we mostly released CD's in editions of 300 in gatefold cardboard packaging. We did a couple of CD-R's the way we started, too.

Eglantine Records 3.0: 2012 onwards

Tapes, CD's, who knows?

Demo policy

Brutal honesty : we've pretty much never released anything we received as a demo, and have trouble merely finding time to listen to demos. With that in mind, if you'd like to try your luck, please use the Soundcloud dropbox below, and send us your best tracks. We'll reply if we're interested.

Send me your sounds