Bacanal Intruder - Cantariolas

Release date: 
Jun 2009

Luis Solis has been building his own particular world of sound for the last half decade. Although usually labelled as folktronica, his music, released under the alias of Bacanal Intruder, should be considered as a rich patchwork of references, including, of course, the mix of folk and electronic music done in a digital environment.

After a collection of ep's, limited editions and netlabel works wich started in 2003 with the promising "Shake The Christmas Tree", Bacanal Intruder took a giant step to settle his personal style with his debut album "Lulo" (Eglantine Records, 2006), the perfect synthesis of his versatile mix of pop, electronics, ambient, lo-fi folk, post-rock and bossanova.

His latest compositions are based on this solid foundation to carry them to a higher level. More melodic and accessible on the pop side, improving his experimental landscapes, going from the saddest melody to the brightest song, his unmistakable wall of sound is nowadays a must.

Limited Edition CD. 3-panel Ekopack with artwork by Liv Laessoe.


  • 1 - Cantariola
  • 2 - Harry el sucio
  • 3 - After all
  • 4 - A flower on his bonnet, a mirror in his hand
  • 5 - Post-illas
  • 6 - Plumazul
  • 7 - Long day
  • 8 - Welcome to la siesta
  • 9 - Hemos fracasado
  • 10 - Adioses