Bacanal Intruder - Lulo

Release date: 
Nov 1st 2006
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After exploring the netlabel and CD-r scenes for several years, unleashing 5 digital releases and 4 CD-r’s, Bacanal Intruder presents “Lulo”, his first proper full-length record!

Playful, upbeat and refreshing, yet down-tempo at times, “Lulo” takes Bacanal Intruder one step further, putting Luis’ folk guitar forward on his usual glitches and digital beats. Voice can even be heard on two laid-back and carefree tracks (“Soon for weekend” and “Le bleu soleil”, both with Leslie-la-la). Produced with great precision, the album also includes collaborations with .Tape., Aitänna77, and Junpei (member of Silencio), to form a diverse, yet homogenous collection of tracks that will brighten your day!

With “Lulo”, Bacanal Intruder definitely proves to be among the finest in folktronica!

Limited Edition CD. 3-panel Ekopack with artwork by Knapfla.


  • 1 - Made In Korea
  • 2 - December Prelude
  • 3 - Soon For Weekend
  • 4 - The Bride Of The Monster
  • 5 - Ball Rythm
  • 6 - Jazzy-rendered
  • 7 - Lumbago
  • 8 - What's Left Lulo-pei
  • 9 - Le Bleu Soleil
  • 10 - A Bout De Souffle