Bruno Fleutelot - [ozo viv]

Release date: 
May 25th 2013

Bruno Fleutelot is a man of many projects : bands, duos, solo ventures... he's tried them all.

After a first solo release, Private, released in 1998, Bruno founded Oboken along with Philippe Saucourt. Together, they released three albums for Le Village Vert in France, before calling it quits in 2003.

In 2005, he released [ozo viv] on ltd cd-r and digital formats: a deep and introspective album thematically focused on lunar landscapes, reminiscent of works by Labradford and Fred Frith.

Ever since 2003, Bruno Fleutelot has been producing original soundtracks for numerous short-films and documentaries, and performing live in the context of theater works, or along with several Swiss or French acts (Fauve, Raphelson, 20 Box Stories). More recently, he contributed a remix to Silencio's Gone EP, released this Winter on Eglantine.

Eglantine is now proud to make [ozo viv] available on CD for the first time in a 3-panel ekopak, with artwork by Aurélie Brouet. Added to the remastered album is an exclusive bonus track recorded around the same time for a documentary by Marc Weymuller.


  • 1 - Mare Moscoviense
  • 2 - Mare Fecunditatis
  • 3 - Palus Nebularum
  • 4 - Mare Marginis
  • 5 - Mare Smythii
  • 6 - Sinus Roris
  • 7 - Mare Humorum
  • 8 - Oceanus Procellarum
  • 9 - MareAustrale
  • 10 - Mare Tranquilitatis
  • 11 - Marc (Part 1, 2 & 3) (bonus track)