Christophe Bailleau & Won - Free Bees Full Of Light

Release date: 
Feb 28th 2007

Christophe Bailleau is a frenchman living in Bruxelles, Won is Sébastien Llinares from Toulouse but living in Paris. Both are workaholic artists. Christophe Bailleau is an all-round media artist also playing in Arden (with aMute, Mitchell Akiyama,...) while Sébastien Llinares is running the Nowaki label and playing with Electrophönvintage (on Unique Records).

With "Free Bees Full Of Light” they invite us to an unique place built around slow instrumental tracks where guitars serve ambient atmospheres and melancholy melodies. Sometimes a piano comes to add a cinematic drama touch. Electronic treatments and fieldrecordings are important in the album: sometimes these sounds are shy and discreet, sometimes its take all the musical spectrum for a few seconds and if you listen in a headphone you will hear the bees, and if you close your eyes you will see their light...


  • 1 - Colibri
  • 2 - Pique-Nique
  • 3 - Bleu
  • 4 - L'Ascension
  • 5 - Matinale
  • 6 - Une Pierre, Animal
  • 7 - Minime
  • 8 - In The Flat Fields
  • 9 - Another Trap In The Sand
  • 10 - Si