Immune - Not until morning

Release date: 
Jun 16 2008

“Not until morning” is Immune at its true core. Since “Sound inside” (2006 / Stilll), the band dropped most of its electronic element, putting acoustic guitars, drums and organs forward: resigned and bare, their songwriting slowly wraps the listener, in a record that sends him drifting among layers of sound…
Although reminiscent of bands like Tindersticks, Talk Talk or Hood, Immune evolve in their own universe and explore a different aspect of their sound like they would a desolate empty house. A house one would need to explore many times, one that would unveil a few of its secrets at every visit.


  • 1 - Lie awake
  • 2 - Slow backwards
  • 3 - Wakening of a Former Land
  • 4 - When we faint
  • 5 - Misplaced
  • 6 - Slightly upon my arm
  • 7 - Hello
  • 8 - Recorded home