Teamforest - Leave

Release date: 
Mar 2008

“When I made ‘Home’, I had to release all my frustrations and deceptions in one song. I thought it would have been easier to leave having said everything I had to say.”

Teamforest’s first release on Morr Music was a song about Dortmund, Philipp’s hometown. He might still be living there, but great journeys have never left his songs…

More than anything else, “Leave” tells us Philipp’s story. His beginnings at Morr Music’s, his love of folk music (Alasdair Roberts, Empress)… This debut album is (charming) like his author: a dream coming true through the trembling voice of an open-handed man; a little more than a half hour for ten songs filled with humanity. Like all great departures, it contains its fair share of loss and expectation: here and there, touching musical memories (Hood, Crabstick, and Famous Boyfriend) and funny stories, redesigned with the help of a laptop, an acoustic guitar or a melodica.
Generous and inspired, this record will definitely Leave its trace in the hearts of listeners.


  • 1 - Leave the north, head southwards
  • 2 - Leave the boys of summer
  • 3 - Leave all your doubts about me
  • 4 - Leave palaces and castles
  • 5 - Leave another opportunity to feel better
  • 6 - Leave this town (on bicycle)
  • 7 - Leave your dreams
  • 8 - Leave your personal role model
  • 9 - Leave festivus
  • 10 - Leave the thing you love the most