Won - Out In The World

Release date: 
Nov 2007

Sébastien Llinares is a guitarist, composer and sound artist born in 1978 and living in Paris.

He studied musicology and art history at the University of Toulouse, as well as composition, classical music and guitar at the academy of music. Then, he specialised himself in XX,and XXI's century music. At the moment, he is improving his guitar recital at the academy of Paris.
He is currently involved in numerous bands and projects aiming at promoting contemporary and alternative culture.
Won is his solo project, in which he mixes guitar and electronics.
Sébastien is also at the head of the intimistic label NOWAKI, focusing on comtemporary composition, sound art and sound design.

"Out in the World" is Won's first release for Eglantine, after his collaboration with Christophe Bailleau on "Free Bees Full of Light". On this solo-guitar record, he mixes jazz with ambient and post-rock influences to create absurd or sad pieces. These 9 tracks were composed at home: Sébastien would leave his guitar in the room, and would pick it up to record music every time an idea sprang. In that sense one could say they form a series of "sound polaroids" from his life.

"Out in the World" is limited to 100 copies and features an original fabric-cover designed by Aurélie Brouet.


  • 1 - Deux dames sérieuses
  • 2 - Quand e te vois
  • 3 - Dance dance revolution
  • 4 - El primero tremolo
  • 5 - Home
  • 6 - Elle et Lui
  • 7 - A Banda
  • 8 - La robe bleue
  • 9 - Dinner dates and flowers